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Hi! We're the Raikes Family 

Our Story

It all started with a swipe!  We met on Bumble and had our first date on July 3rd, 2018. Believe it or not, we knew that night we were on the brink of something special!  We've been married for 3 years and have a daughter, Abby, from Phillip's previous marriage.  We live in Murfreesboro Tennessee with our cats, Winnie & Otto.  We're a family of big hearts, and our lives are so full of love and laughter. . . we dream of being able to share our family with another child.


Though we are unable to have our own, we know that biology is not the only thing that makes a family. Love Makes a Family. Brandise and her siblings are adopted so we know first-hand what a blessing adoption can be for everyone involved.


We are so excited, (and nervous, and overwhelmed, and hopeful) to begin our adoption journey!  Abby cannot wait to be a big sister and will be an amazing one. We can't wait to meet our future child and their birth family!

In her own words. . .

My strengths and likes:

-I am musically talented. I play the flute and piano. I’ve been trying to pick up the guitar. I am going to play in the marching band in 9th grade. I am in concert band and jazz band at my school.

-I like comedic things. I like real life comedic experiences more that movies though.

-I like reading, but I need the motivation to start reading.

-Hiking and Kayaking are my favorite things to do outside not including spraying myself with a water hose on the mist setting.

-I can’t dance myself, but I like watching people dance. I like ballet the most.

-I like writing and telling stories.

-I’m a cat person.

My Weaknesses:

-I’m not that strong.

-I wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes it can be beneficial, but sometimes not.

-I can jump to conclusions sometimes

-I don’t communicate well. I’ve been working on it, but this is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses.

-I’m not outgoing. I’m really shy.

-I overthink sometimes.

-I can be extra sometimes. Sometimes a good thing though.

My personality:

I am Kind, Helpful, Reliable, Friendly, Forgetful, Shy, Introverted, Smart, and Fun



Meet Abby!

Meet Brandise! 


Brandise is a marketing coordinator for a local medical clinic. She loves being creative both at work and at home. She loves to decorate for holidays and birthdays and plan adventures for the family.

Brandise is kind and encouraging. She's compassionate, generous, and can be a little bit "extra". Phillip says, "She's always doing the most!". She has a huge heart and loves big!

Brandise loves music and enjoys attending concerts. Aside from the Ryman auditorium, Brandise's favorite place is anywhere near the water. She enjoys hiking and kayaking (as long as it's not too hot)

Brandise's goal in life is to be a good wife, a good mother, and give back to her community.

Meet Phillip! 

Phillip is a control systems engineer and our resident tech support guy! He's a trouble shooter and problem solver and helps keep our family running. 

Phillip is kind, generous, loving, and supportive. He loves his family and puts them first at all times. He's a good listener and gives the best advice. Phillip has a great sense of humor and a steady supply of dad jokes. He can be really goofy and keeps us laughing. 


Phillip loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking and kayaking. Any day he can spend some time in nature is a good day for Phillip. He also enjoys reading, drawing, and playing board & card games with the family. 

Phillip's goal in life is to be a good father, a good husband, and never stop learning.

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